The Krate in the Grove of Wesely Chapel

KRATE is part of a larger effort by Mark Gold to transform the Grove at Wesley Chapel. He is spending around $15 million to $20 million for KRATE. The complex will be made up of 94 shipping containers that have been turned into 54 individual business units. The mix will be about 70% restaurants and 30% retail.

Gold has picked a good time to open KRATE. This new center is environmentally friendly and made of repurposed shipping containers. It aligns with the current day trends because of COVID-19. Commercial leases start at $1,500 per month, so it's affordable for new entrepreneurs who are looking to jump start their businesses.

Mishorim Gold Properties says that KRATE will be the largest container park in the world. With about 90% of the property already leased and many people on the waiting list, KRATE will offer something for everyone. Confirmed businesses include The Cake Girl, Buttermilk Provisions, Zukku Sushi, 365 Caffe Italiano, a new bar and cheese shop, are some of the locations that have opened up and others are quickly following these wonderful stores.

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